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When to Update Your Living Will

June 8th, 2011

Be sure to review your Living Will periodically. Living Wills are easily modified to reflect changes in your health, finances, or perspective on end-of-life care. Even if your wishes don’t change, a Living Will should be regularly updated to take into account changes in medical technology. Consider updating your Living Will when you need to:

  • Change or set limits on medical care to meet your ability to pay
  • Respond to changes in medical technology
  • Respond to a change in health care laws
  • Respond to a changes in your health, including: decline, terminal diagnosis, possibility of surgery and hospitalization, or pregnancy
  • Designate a different person to make health care decisions for you
  • Move to a new state
  • Respond to changes in your beliefs and wishes concerning end-of-life care
  • Respond to the death of a loved one or significant other

Remember that new documents will generally supersede old ones - in other words, executing a new Living Will has the effect of revoking a prior Living Will.

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Article by RocketLawyer.

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