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I have legal documents but my partner does not. Should they prepare legal documents?
Yes. Since same-sex couples are not recognized by the federal government, the legal documents that protect you will not protect your partner. You both need to complete your own forms to ensure your property, finances, and relationships are as protected as possible.
My state offers some legal protection to same-sex couples. Do I still need legal documents?
Yes, for several reasons. Yes, for several reasons. Should you require hospitalization and run into staff unfamiliar with the law, you’ll need your wishes and rights clearly defined in your legal documents. Or suppose you travel across state lines or abroad and have a medical emergency that requires hospitalization. The same rights you’re afforded in your own state may not apply there.

In addition, because the federal government gives no recognition to same-sex relationships, the more proactive you are in defining your wishes – no matter where you live – the better.

I am a LGBT senior without any legal documents. How can I start preparing legal documents?
GLBT seniors are most in need of – and least likely to have – legal documents. Because of the aging Baby Boomer generation, there are hundreds of thousands of GLBT seniors facing this same issue. All three of LegalOut’s document bundles are important for you to consider.

And don’t worry if you’re not very tech-savvy! We”ll help you through every step of the document creation process and answer any question you might have. Contact us today.

I prepared legal documents years ago. What if I need to make changes?
You should review your documents periodically, and always update them if you experience major life changes, such as moving, forming or dissolving a partnership, and starting a family. LegalOut’s simple, user-friendly online tools make this important process a snap – it takes just minutes to complete.

But no matter where you are in your life, LegalOut evolves with you. Take a look at our Wheel of Life to find out how.

I am single. Do I need legal documents?
Absolutely. No matter where you are in life, you’ll always benefit from taking control and being proactive about your protection. Plus, there’s never a wrong time to start planning your estate. Even if you don’t have a partner, you can designate the person you trust most to be your beneficiary and act as your agent in times of crisis.
Who needs legal documents?
Everyone, but especially those in the LGBT community, considering the lack of rights afforded to this group by the state and federal government. In a crisis, it’s difficult to think clearly – making sure these important decisions and wishes are thought out beforehand will provide a valuable source of comfort, instead of stress.
How do legal documents protect my health care, property and financial rights, and relationships?
First, documents in our Healthcare documents bundle allow you to designate your partner or another trusted person as your agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf and be authorized to visit you in the hospital.

Second, using LegalOut’’s Financial & Property documents bundle will ensure your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries you choose, instead of being doled out according to laws that may not reflect your wishes.

Finally, you”ll solidify your partnership and structure your parenting arrangements with our Family & Children documents.

Do I need a lawyer review?
LegalOut’’s documents are binding and legal. However, you may choose to have an attorney review them, or help you with specific legal situations. We have a list of recommended gay-friendly lawyers who are qualified and experienced with all of these issues.
Life changes. Will LegalOut change with me?
Yes, and here’s how we do it. We call it the “Wheel of Life.” As your life changes, LegalOut has the flexibility to evolve with you. Whether you’re single, forming a new partnership, starting a family, dissolving a partnership, or facing unique issues as a GLBT senior, LegalOut provides you the tools and resources you need to safeguard your rights at all stages of life.
How is LegalOut different from other online legal document sites?
Again, let us count the ways!

  • Our focus is on the LGBT Community and its specific challenges and needs.
  • We partner with a recognized, qualified legal expert – Rocket Lawyer – to ensure all of our documents fully comply with the law while providing you the protection you deserve.
  • Other sites simply provide boilerplate documents and templates to print out and fill in.
  • We provide easy-to-use tools for customizing your documents online, in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.
  • Unlike other sites, we provide extensive editing and online document storage capabilities.
Why should I use an online service to prepare my legal document?
Still counting…

  • You may not have access to an attorney with expertise in LGBT issues.
  • You don”t want to reveal your sexual orientation.
  • Lawyers are expensive. LegalOut is affordable.
  • We simplify the document creation process. No headaches, no hassles; just the peace of
    mind knowing you’re protected.
  • Our site is secure; we guarantee protection of your privacy.
  • We provide state-specific legal documents to meet your particular requirements.
  • LegalOut exists to inform you about your rights - whether or not you decide to use our
How does LegalOut work?
It only takes three easy steps to safeguard your rights:

  1. Select the documents that are right for you.
  2. Review your documents using our simple online tools.
  3. Finalize your documents. We’ll give you clear instructions at every step of the way, and we”re always on hand to answer questions.
Need Customer Support?
For help with: Technical Support; Membership Account Help; Document Assistance; Billing; Account Changes, please visit Rocket Lawyer Support.
For other inquiries please contact LegalOut at: http://www.legalout.com/contact/

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