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Protect yourself with legal documents.

With LegalOut, you determine the answers. Through our simple, easy-to-follow online tools powered by RocketLawyer.com, you'll quickly and easily create affordable legal documents -- all in the privacy of your own home.

To start protecting your interests, prepare legal documents now - select one of the forms listed below or click here to browse hundreds more legal forms and legal letters. Check below to learn how to create legal documents in 3 easy steps, Free Trial and payment options.

Being sick or recovering from an injury is stressful enough - imagine it without the support of your partner. So plan ahead for hospital visitations, healthcare power of attorney, and your living will.

Select a document to start now:

Secure emotional and financial peace of mind for the future of your partner and loved ones by preparing estate planning legal documents. These include wills, trusts, and power of attorney.

Select a document to start now:

Ensure that life-altering decisions made about your loved ones are made according to your wishes. Protect your family with cohabitation and co-parenting agreements, as well as various authorizations for minors.

Select a document to start now:

Manage and protect your business with hundreds of legal forms ranging from general business forms, real estate, employment agreements, corporate, financial, consumer forms and free legal letters.

Select a document to start now:

Create Your Legal Document In 3 Easy Steps

Hundreds of legal documents created by attorneys.

All the tools you need to complete almost any standard document in three  easy steps.

Finalize your document with our Make it Legalâ„¢ checklist, Click-through  Legal Reviewâ„¢  and electronic signatures.

Start your legal document now.

How much does it cost to Protect My Wishes?
LegalOut has 3 types of payment options to fit your needs:

1. Easy Legal Careâ„¢ Membership Plan
Unlimited Documents and edits, online storage plus other helpful tool - see below.

  • Annual (Best Value!): Only $119.95
  • Monthly: Only $19.95

2. Document Only
Single legal document.

  • Purchase single documents with no other obligation.

3. Free Trial

  • Create any one document for free. Plus, enjoy the legal document services for seven days. If you choose not to continue your free trial, you can cancel and keep your one document with no further obligation.

What do I get with my Easy Legal Careâ„¢ Membership Plan?

Your Easy Legal Careâ„¢ membership includes:

Unlimited Legal Documents
Access to hundreds of legal forms.

Online Document Manager
Now you can easily create, edit, save, share, e-sign and archive all your important legal documents – completely online! There is no software to download and no need to wait for a document in the mail – you have complete control over your legal projects. You can even share any document you create with a lawyer who can review it online for you with the click of a button!

File Safekeeperâ„¢ Online Document Storage
Store your signed and completed legal documents and other valuable papers in our secure online vault.

RocketSignâ„¢ Electronic Signatures
Use our electronic signature service to sign documents without the need to send paper copies back and forth. Save time and money.

Document Sharing
Share any document with anyone – online! Share with your existing lawyer or find a new lawyer who can review your documents with the click of a button. Plus - share your documents with anyone - other parties, colleagues, business partners, and family members.

Online Word Processor
Make detailed edits to your documents. Change, delete, or add text or change formatting to fit your preferences. Use it for documents created online or import and customize your own documents from your desktop computer.

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LegalOut was formed with one mission in mind: empowering you to live life on your own terms instead of allowing state laws to speak for you. To achieve this mission, we partnered from the beginning with RocketLawyer.com, a company that offers a comprehensive line of do-it- yourself legal assistance solutions that have been helping consumers for more than ten years.

All of LegalOut's legal documents, as well as its document creation process, are powered by RocketLawyer.com. In addition, every document we use has been prepared and reviewed by one of the company's professional attorneys, so you can rest assured you’re receiving high-quality legal assistance.