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The Rainbow Babies

July 22nd, 2009

Rainbow Babies

Starting a family is an exciting time. There is much to think about, especially if you are in a same-sex partnership - there are medical, legal, financial, and spiritual areas to consider.

It could be an overwhelming process to get started but an educational Web site that makes it easy to access all types of LGBT parenting information is The Rainbow Babies.com, created by Angela Watson.

The Rainbow Babies site provides a central area for general information on the many aspects of LGBT pregnancies and parenting. Watson was inspired to create a site that provides timely information about starting a family whether by insemination, surrogacy, fostering or adoption after listening to her friends talk about their struggles with becoming parents and thought that if they could tell their stories, then other families-to-be could get encouragement and support.

So, in a crazy moment of inspiration, she thought that she would create a website where parents could post their family stories, as well as get timely information on ways to have families, read book and movie reviews related to LGBT families, as well as learn about pertinent legal and social issues related to being LGBT parents in the U.S. today.

Three years later, The Rainbow Babies continues to grow and thrive, currently featuring over 200 pages of nearly all original and exclusive content on every topic dealing with the special challenges of LGBT parenting.

If you have questions regarding donors, insemination process, how to select a sperm bank or interested in reading about LGBT parent stories, The Rainbow Babies provides articles and information for all these areas and more.

Read more LGBT parenting issues at The Rainbow Babies.

LegalOut Note:

If you are planning to start a family, in a long-term committed relationship, ensure your interests are followed should something unexpected occur.  Protect your wishes and family  by preparing legal documents. At minimum, any basic estate plan should include the following documents: Hospital Visitation Authorization, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Shared Parenting Agreement, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney. Protect yourself now - create legal documents.

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